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Crawfish Fundraiser UPDATE!!!

Good Evening Everyone! Just wanted to reach out to you guys in hopes that you can help ULSNA out with this semesters Crawfish Fundraiser.

Our deadline for selling crawfish tickets has been extended by our caterer to Saturday, March 27th at 12:00 noon. If you haven't already bought tickets, PLEASE consider doing so or at least ask your family and friends to consider buying. Share our flyer on social media and with family and friends. Even sharing the flyer and link in your class Group-Me's could be of great help in getting the word out! I have attached the flyer to this email as well.

Just as a reminder if any ULSNA member sells tickets this can qualify as their 1 mandatory community service point for this semester. 5 tickets sold= .5 point

10 tickets sold= 1 point Remember to tell the buyer to type your name and your C# in the note before checking out so you can get credit and receive your point! Tickets are being sold virtually through our website- Tickets are $20 each for 3lbs of crawfish and 2 potatoes. Pick-up will be held from 11-1 THIS Sunday, March 28th. The confirmation email received by the buyer after purchasing tickets will serve as proof of purchase when picking up the crawfish.

On top of getting delicious crawfish, some of the proceeds will be donated to LOPA- Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency. If you or anyone you know has any questions, please reach out to

We really need your help in making this fundraiser a success! So lets all work together to sell some more tickets so we can donate more money to an amazing foundation like LOPA.

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