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Meeting 2 Updates

🌶Hey y'all!! Here's the powerpoint from yesterday's meeting! Please email us if you have any questions!🌶

A few reminders:

⚜️ If you haven't completed anti-hazing please do so asap! Remember, your points will be cut in half until you turn it in!

⚜️ Please sign up for engage if you haven't already done so through this link:

⚜️ Points & Attendance Tracking:

⚜️Our end of the year donation money needs to find it's home - please vote here for where you would like for it go!

⚜️If you'd like to sell a box of chocolate, please email us! This is an easy (and delicious) way to get your point! Boxes are due November 15th!🍫

P.S. We're halfway through the semester🤩 Y'all hang in there! Mark your calendars for November 19th! See y'all there!🤟🏼

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