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  • Meeting 3- April 9, 2021

Meeting ID- 929 6738 5661


Members must pay the membership fee in order to access and print membership forms. The forms for new members or renewals can be found under the membership tab. You will fill out a Google Form and then attach a PDF of your completed "2020-2021 NSNA Membership Form" at the bottom.

  1. Add the form based on your membership status to your cart. ( 1 year, 2 year, 1 year renewal, or 2 year renewal )

  2. Pay (this price is your membership fee).

  3. Buyers will receive links to download their Digital Products (membership form) in the "Thank You" page of the Checkout.

  4. Print the "2020-2021 NSNA Membership Form" and fill it out.

  5. Once the form is completed, scan "2020-2021 NSNA Membership Form" as a PDF and save to your computer.

  6. Use the link that was provided at checkout to complete this Google Form "ULSNA Spring 2021 Membership Application".

  7. Attach your saved PDF at the bottom of the google form (there will be spot where you can upload your file)

  8. ALL DONE-Once we receive your payment and Google Form (with the attached PDF of your completed NSNA Form) we will review for correctness and contact you with any issues.


Pick-up Dates and Times:​​

  • April 23, 2021

    • ​All orders can be picked up in the ULSNA cubicle located in the student union. Orders can be picked up from 12 PM - 1 PM.​

When will orders be shipped?​​

  • April 23, 2021

  • **Orders will be shipped out once a month**​

  • Any orders placed after April 22, 2021, will either be shipped on April 23, 2021, OR picked up NEXT SEMESTER.


Active members who meet the requirements set forth in the bylaws (a minimum of 10 community points and an active member for at least 2 years) will be awarded the ULSNA cord (peach, silver, and white). Officers who meet those requirements and serve a full-year term will be awarded the same cord with a custom charm attached.
Starting in the fall of 2019, members will need to achieve the following points moving towards graduation:
N418 – 5 points
N403 – 6 points
N340 – 8 points
N308 – 8 points
N208 – 9 points
GAP YEAR - 10 points
N204 – 10 points
N104 – 10 points (these students will start the minimum number and each class will need 10 points moving forward.)
Cords will be awarded to graduating seniors who meet these requirements at the pinning ceremony each semester. The faculty advisor will forward a list of these students to the graduation committee chair each semester.


  • All positions are available:

    • President

    • Vice President

    • Secretary

    • Treasurer

    • Parliamentarian

    • Membership Chair

    • Marketing Chair

    • Community Service Chair

    • Historian 

    • Breakthrough to Nursing

  • Nominations/speeches will be held at the 2nd meeting, March 12th, 2021 @ 1 PM Via Zoom.

    • Those who are nominated MUST BE PRESENT in order to accept their nomination.

    • Those who are nominated must send in an eligibility letter by March 19th, 2021

  • Actual elections will be held a day before the last meeting of the semester or at the last meeting- details to come.

  • Once ballots are counted and new officers are officiated, there will be a transition meeting (time, location, and date are TBA) 

  • Requirements:

    • Must have been an active member of ULSNA and fulfill all of the requirements that entails

    • One (1) Community Service Point per semester

    • Attendance of at least 2 out of the 3 Chapter meetings 

    • Must be able to satisfy the numerous responsibilities of an Officer position (as per the ULSNA By-Laws). Including, but not limited to…

    • The expected duties of the respective Officer position 

    • Attending and participating in ALL Officer meetings that are held one week prior to the Chapter meetings

    • Attending ALL Chapter meetings throughout the semester

    • Be able to serve for ONE (1) FULL ACADEMIC YEAR → Fall to Spring.


  • Click the link below to check your membership requirements and community service points!



ULL Student Nurses' Association is the only student nurse organization on ULL's campus. ULSNA is a non-profit organization especially for student nurses. Our organization helps members to gain leadership skills, get involved in community service, and network with others in the same field. ULSNA is a great way for nursing students to explore what nursing is all about!

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