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Hazing Prevention Module Tutorial

Updated: Feb 26

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Scroll down to the "Training" section and click on "Hazing Prevention: It’s Everyone’s Responsibility 101™."

Step 3: Click the green “Login Now” button and login using your school email (ex: and the same password as your school email password.

Step 3: Click the module that is titled “Hazing Prevention 101 Course - College Edition 2021.”

(If you are prompted to enroll yourself in the course, enroll yourself.)

Step 4: Complete the initial survey. You must do this in order to gain access to the course.

Step 5: After completing the survey, complete the course presentations. There are 6 course presentations.

Step 7: After completing the course presentations, take the quiz and final survey.

Step 8: Download your certificate and submit it via this Google Form to ensure your points don’t get cut in half!

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